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First of all, we are sending out Christmas cards again this year to address many of the 2014 Tax Year changes.  You may call the office anytime to schedule your appointments in 2015 at (417)678-0772.  Drop-offs will continue to be an option for those not wanting a sit-down appointment, but note that we have an information form concerning your health insurance and other necessary updates that must be completed before we prepare your return.

Some of the extenders that many clients are concerned about have yet to be renewed, including the write-off for equipment in now set at $25,000, teacher $250 credit for buying supplies, and charitable contributions from IRA required minimum distributions.


Obamacare Changes Everyone's 2014 Tax Returns

Every person will have to notify the tax preparer of the healthcare insurance, or lack of insurance, subscribed to in 2014.  If you took advantage of the government insurance plan, you will receive a 1095A form that you must bring with you for tax preparation or we cannot do your return.  If you are exempt from healthcare, you must bring an exemption certificate or we cannot do your return.  If you don't have this certificate, visit for an application.

Due to the overwhelming questions and concerns you may have about Obamacare, our office is hosting a series of group meetings to address your needs.  If you would like to attend one of the following meetings, please contact our office to reserve your space:

* Dec 9th, 11th, 16th, or 18th  at our office from 6-7pm

Now at our NEW location


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All 1099 information (W9s) turned in by Jan. 10th.

Farmers with March 1st deadlines needs appointments by Feb. 15th.

Corporation appointments must be scheduled by Feb. 28th.

If scheduling multiple filings for one visit, please let us know for proper time allocation.


If you are waiting for your return and would like to know the status you may contact either of the following locations:(you must know your martial status, head social security number, and exact refund amount)

Missouri refund?